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11.9838.000-00   FRIWO  Power Module FW7362/24 MPP 30  
1812274   FRIWO  AC Power Line H05VVH2-F / 2 +0.75 mm2/2m black PVC. Plug according to DIN 49464 / EN 50075th IEC socket 320 / C7. 2.5 A 250V  
FW7400/08   FRIWO  Switchmode Apparat DT10 EN/IEC 60950. Input 100-240V AC/ 50-60Hz/ 300mA, Bush IEC 320 C8. Output 7,5 VDC 1400 mA. < 115 mV. 10.5567.003-55/2+0,5 mmy /2m. Hausing DT10 PTB PC Black. 15.1012.500-00. 1812117  
1829500   FRIWO  Power supply FW7333SM/05. PP8 MEDICAL EURO - EN60601. Input 100-240 VAC/50-60HZ/200mA. Output 5VDC 1300mA. Line 10.5567.103-95/2*0,5mm2/ 2m. Housing PP8/PC/ABS V0 125C/ black  
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5002-00011 (ex 15.0793.000-00)   FRIWO  KNW24U20A-150A6-I4210VL UE24WCP1-150160SPA medite Plug-in power Ue: 90-264VAC class II Ua1: 15V1,6A , Input: exchange adapter, Output: universal plug coupling, Cable: UL1185 20AWG 1,8m , Level 5  

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